What if I do not currently have a website or FTP account yet?
No worries, this is the perfect starting point to build your online presence.

This App is compatible with all web host providers with FTP support (this is the industry standard). Supported FTP transfer modes include regular FTP, SFTP as well as FTPS

Our users around the world use many different web hosts, some of the most popular ones include Host Gator, GoDaddy, FatCow, Ready Hosting, Blue Host, Host Papa, Register.com, Network Solutions and LuckyRegister.com

For free web hosting, some of our user favorites include hosting solutions such as x10 Hosting(x10hosting.com), Zymic (zymic.com) and 000webhost(000webhost.com).

The companies listed here are just a few of many that are supported by this App, it's always a good idea to shop around and compare the different web hosting services to see which one best fits your needs.