Can I add photos to my FAQ answers?
Of course! Sometimes it's necessary to display relevant photos as part of your answer. You may add photos to the FAQ by tapping on the "Add Photo" button. There is no limit to the number of photos per FAQ. For the best layout presentation, we recommend keeping the number of photos to 9 or less.

When you add a photo, this App automatically create a thumbnail (small sized version) of the photo for display, this thumbnail version will be linked to the original full size photo. This allows the visitors of the FAQ to have an overview of all available photos, and to be able to see more details by tapping or clicking on each thumbnail.

Another bonus feature is Photo Captions. When a photo is added, it will automatically be given a name label (such as " Image2"). When needed, you may reference the photo labels in your question so users know exactly which photo you are referring to. Please note when you update existing photos by removing and re-adding new ones, the photo labels may be updated as well. Always double check to ensure your photo caption references are consistent in your text answers.

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